About «Friends»
- What is the "Friends"?
"Friends" is the foundation of foundations. It is the aggregator of knowledge, resources, and experience. We don't provide targeting assistance. We aren't facilitators between donors and foundations. We help foundations to become stable and independent instead of permanent assistance. Learn more at Projects.
- I want to donate. What I need to do?
Press "Support Friends" and then choose the convenient payment method. Please follow the pop-up instructions.
- How can I know where the "Friends" transfer my donation?
Our work is completely transparent, you can learn more by "reports"
- What I need to do if I want to become a partner of the "Friends" or a particular project?
If you have your cooperation offer please get in touch with us at "friends@friends-foundation.com" or fill the form.
- I want to learn more about the "Friends"
Read more about our future events and results of past events at Blog. Stay tuned for more at Facebook and Instagram.
- I want to stay up to date with news from "Friends"
Join our email list. Please press Sign up at the bottom of the page.
- What is the Moscow school of professional philanthropy?
"Moscow school of professional philanthropy" is the project of the "Friends" which includes managing programs for non-profit organizations, open seminars, researches in non-profit organizations area and integration of employees of charitable foundations into current education programs.
- I want to become a speaker of the "Moscow school of professional philanthropy"
Please get in touch with representatives of project at education@friends-foundation.com
- How can I become a student of the "Moscow school of professional philanthropy"?
You may apply for studying at the website of the "Moscow school of professional philanthropy".
- Who is allowed to one-day education seminars?
All seminars are free for non-profit organization's employees and active volunteers with pre-registration. We announce every seminar on page "Blog" and our social media Facebook"" and "Instagram". You can learn more by joining our email list. To subscribe please press Sign up under the page.
- What is "Procharity"?
ProCharity is an online platform which brings together charitable organization and professionals who are ready to share their expertise pro bono. Volunteers could do great good though new and technical way and charitable organizations could be allowed to highly qualified assistance in their daily work.
- How does ProCharity work?
A charitable organization publishes a task from different professional areas at ProCharity and, volunteer responses to the task. Together they discuss any specifics of a project to make it more clear to volunteer. When the task is accomplished, a charitable organization accepts it and evaluates the volunteer work. The volunteer finishes the task at the platform and chooses a bonus from partners.
- I'm a volunteer. How can Procharity help me?
With ProCharity you will boost your hard and soft skills, fulfill your portfolio, get to know your colleagues and provide systematic changes to the charity sphere.
- I'm a representative of a charitable organization. How can Procharity help me?
Professionals could solve your daily-work problems, and ProCharity takes over rewards for their work.
- How to become a partner of ProCharity?
ProCharity may offer you several options for our partnership, you a welcome to choose one of them. You can become an intellectual partner and use the platform as a tool for Corporate Social Responsibility: attract employees to charitable projects, motivate them, and improve their skills. Or you can become a bonus-partner: present discounts and gifts to volunteers. Also, you can invest in a particular product or manage collaboration. You can learn more about suitable cooperations here.
- What is the Team of professionals?
The program was developed to support charitable organizations and assist them in developing into professional non-profit organizations. We share our resources and expertise under the program because we truly believe if a charitable organization has competent management, its structure will become more stable and the social effect of its work will increase.
- How does the Team of professionals work?
The aim of the program is a qualitative change of charitable organization work toward its professional development.The first step in our common work is a law and financial analysis and evaluation of foundation activities. We provide a strategic session for every organization which resulted in individual supporting plan, which could consist of: - HR consulting - Training and supervision for charitable organization staff - Business education for charitable organization leaders at the Moscow school of professional philanthropy and partners - The mentor's support for charitable organization leaders
- What charitable organizations have already participated in the Team of professionals?
We contribute the best business practices into the daily work of the charitable organization. We intend to create a society of professional non-profit organization, whose trustworthy work results can have a large-scale social effect. In 2019 4 new non-profit organizations have joined the Team of professionals. Currently, 16 non-profit organizations have participated in a program. You can learn more about them from page Friends of the Friends.
- How to become a partner of the Team of professionals?
If you want to support the Team of professionals, you are welcome to contact Maria Timofeeva m.timofeeva@friends-foundation.com.
- I want to participate in the Team of professionals. What suppose to be next?
Applications for joining the project is closed now. The Team of professionals will not begin accepting applications form until 2020. Please sign up for a newsletter if you want to know about starting project entry.
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